22 febrero 2014

What’s going on in Venezuela

In Venezuela is booming a putsch against the legitimate government with the support and funding of organizations, institutions and government of USA , as well as former Colombian ex-president Alvaro Uribe who has close links with the paramilitaries and drug trafficking. That is the continuation of activities initiated since 2002 and regularly recurring in the last 12 years with the intention failed again and again to end the Bolivarian Revolution.

The situation now. February 2014 

After the regional elections in which the Revolution won a landslide victory over the opposition, win 80 % of mayors across the country, the National Assembly constitutionally empowered President Nicolas Maduro to legislate in economic matters and began to implement measures against speculation, grabbing some food and basic goods basket; economic war waged by the far right in coordination with big business and monopolies and international actors. The government started a political dialogue with the opposition, take measures against the smuggling of food with regulated price to Colombia through border states, especially the Táchira State. The coup is a blow to the dialogue, enabling law (same thing happened in 2003) and to the smuggling mafias combat.

Elvis Rafael Durán de La Rosa, 29 years old, died when he tried to pass on his bike a barricade placed by fascist murderers and vandals opposition supporters Leopoldo López, and was surprised by a stretched Steel wire not visualized in Romulo Gallegos Avenue, at the upper middle class neighborhood,"Horizonte", Caracas...

Since January 23th of this year Leopoldo Lopez (1), Maria Corina Machado (2) and Mayor Antonio Ledezma (3), called to lack the the institutions, laws and the legitimate government with a speech clearly violent. They began attacking a delegation of athletes, the Cuban baseball team that were participating at the Caribbean Series in Nueva Esparta State, an action from every point of view and despicable and fascist...

Fire during siege of informative TV channel VTV. Every night this television station is besieged with shots molotv stones and bombs.

On February 6th violence began in the city of San Cristobal, with attacks on the residence of the governor of the state, this residence work as center of attention for children and adults with disabilities. There were burning vehicles, firearms attacks the population with weapons and destroyed public infrastructure. Táchira was strategically selected to restart the continued putsch among other reasons: 1 The former governor, Ávila Vivas, radical political opposite, during his administration was denounced by sowing in the state paramilitary groups, hitman and Colombian drug trafficking. 2 Táchira Current mayor, who is member of the minority political party led by Leopoldo Lopez, who has close ties with former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and also was in Mexico meeting Uribe, Otto Reich and possibly members of the Mexican drug trafficking; where they took hundreds of young Venezuelans to form in destabilization tactics and asymmetric warfare. 3 Economic Groups, mafias and right-wing politicians handle the business of smuggling into Colombia. Because the government took strong measures against smuggling and supply bleeds the economy of our country, the wrath of the mafia traffickers come on.

Leopoldo López folower (paramilitary?) Guns inocentess people. San Critobal, Táchira State.

On February 12th Leopoldo López called for a march to General's Attorney Office with the pretext of asking for release of detained protesters in violence at Táchira, but the background of that call was move to another phase of the putsch and violence. So the march ended in vandalism that left General's Attorney Office destroyed with bullets, stones and bottles , 6 police cars burned and caused the death of three people. 

So it has been over a week of irrational and uncontrolled violence in small pockets of Caracas mainly on eastern suburbs of this city where live upper-middle class people, and other cities of the country, especially in San Cristóba that is a paramilitary operations center of the opposition. Public infrastructure has been attacked, Subway, bank robberies and fire agencies, attacks on publics schools, violent-vandal siege to the plant Information VTV television , attacks with firearms to cooperative social centers, kidnapping public transport units burn them and the unfortunate death until at least 9 people and injured hundreds until now.

Opponents in Táchira represent decapitated Chavez followers. As are well know they are typical Mexican drug actions.

Accompanying these actions of destabilization are underpinned and accompanied , as in 2002, with fierce media campaign by mainly international media, as CNN, ABC and El País of Spain , Miami Herald and others. They usualy manipulate images , even going to use images of the events in Greece , Egypt , Ukraine and other as if they were in Venezuela. That media information monopoly obscuring most Venezuelans, regardless of their ideological sign that reject violence and vandalism. Presents these Vandals as peaceful students, always trying to encourage foreign intervention. The same tactics and strategies applied in Libya , Syria , Ukraine and others, the color revolutions…  

Red outbreaks of extreme violence in yellow pockets of low violence. Only in areas of 14 municipalities of the 335's in Venezuela.

Among the strategies is to show a reality completely alien to the truth and present reality what happen in Venezuela. The violent incidents are not widespread in our country but concentrated permanently in just 14 of 335 municipalities across the country (It is noteworthy that these few municipalities where violence is unleashed by Mayors who belong to the party leader of Voluntad Popular Leopoldo López. Most Venezuelans, regardless of their political position, rejects violence as a mood of political demand in a democracy. Media such as CNN, ABC and El País from Spain or Miami Herald have spread images and videos that correspond to situations in other countries (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine and others), oblivious to what happens here. Convey false news in the world and when they are discovered in their blatant lies rectified in some cases, but the media damage is done.

Arturo Martinez was clearing debris left by vandals of opposition in front of the Fermín Toro University (Barquisimeto City) when was murdered with bullets by LEOPOLDO LOPEZ followers, from a building. He was cleaning debris to go through with his vehicle.

The Venezuelan government has acted within the framework of our constitution and laws, respecting the constitutional and human rights. Likewise continues calling to maintain dialogue with the opposition and reject violence. Most Venezuelans express rejected this violence and against the state of siege that criminals to impose in our country. The Municipio Libertador in Caracas, the largest and most populated municipality on the capital was declared  “Territory of peace and free of fascism”. Equally revolutionary forces remain on alert and conscious to counteract, if necessary, the escalating violence of the extreme right against Venezuelan, democracy and its people.

Facade of the Attorney General of the Republic, destroyed with bullets, stones and bottles. By the time of the attack hundreds of workers of the institution were inside it.

It is important recount the history of the most important fascist actions staged by the same sinister bloke of the ultra right Venezuelan Leopoldo Lopez, Maria Corina Machado , minority opposition parties, media and the USA Department of State:

April 2002 putsch against President Hugo Chavez and repealed the constitution, laws and government. This fact is well documented and international knowledge that left more than 20 dead.

December 2002 - January 2003 Industrial and oil shutdown. After the setback they had in April of this year, thanks to the popular and civil-military revolt that restored the constitutionality; entrepreneurship, bourgeoisie, minority right political parties and media monopolies started total war shortages of food, medicine, fuel, etc. during more than a month. Venezuelans were subjected to hunger, inability to move freely,  to the exclusion of health services among others. Parallel Opponents of right carried on vandalism and extreme violence against the Venezuelan citizens. These events left five Venezuelans killed and hundreds injured.

2004 "Guarimbas". Violent actions against defenseless citizens. Typically developed like fascist and paramilitary tactics: attacking citizens in their homes and in residential areas and then lightning shares retreated and hid. The far-right political factors in connection with Alvaro Uribe, who was then president of Colombia on that moment, infiltrated 150 Colombian paramilitaries Caracas . Security agencies broke up the paramilitaries before they caused a tragedy of major proportions. These events left a dozen of Venezuelans killed.

April 2013 Presidential Election. Because the death of President Hugo Chavez, were convened early elections. The candidate Capriles was defeated and ignored the elections claiming fraud (which has not still presented evidence) and called to the violence. 11 Venezuelans were killed in two days; all supporters of the revolution, including a girl and a boy. Cowardly actions against defenseless people, typical of fascists: attacks popular health centers, public’s schools, centers for elderly people and Venezuelan humble residences humble.

     1) Leopoldo López. Far-right politician. Belonged from young to fascist radical groups, including “Tradition Family and Property”. He led the putsch against President Chavez in 2002, being one of the most violent actors sparking political persecution for 48 hours and tried to storm the embassy of Cuba in Venezuela. He was also one of the promoters of the “Guarimbas” in 2004. In each of the attempts to overthrow the government, in each violent actions this sinister fellow has been at the forefront of them. Linked closely to Alvaro Uribe, right-wing politicians who gave the putsch againts Paraguay President Lugo and other countries. Because corruption during his tenure as mayor of Chacao Municipality was disqualified from holding any public office. He was also founder of the party Primero Justicia with Capriles and Julio Borges, political allies from the time that they all belonged in “Property Tradition and Family” and which was funded with money from the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA when the mother of Lopez, Antonietta Mendoza Lopez, was high executive on company, illegally donated to these corrupts 1.500.000 $ 1998; acts for which they were still criminal trial.


    2) Maria Corina Machado. A descendant of one of the richest families in Venezuela and handle large monopolies. Founder of an organization is popularly considered like criminal “SUMATE”  linked to agencies of the USA Department of State. Also has very close ties with the Bushs presidents, father and son , even as President George Busch came to receive it in the White House and constantly seeking the U.S. military intervention in Venezuela .

     3) Antonio Ledezma. Politician of the IV Republic , dark period in the history of Venezuela: corruption, exclusion of the majority, extreme poverty and delivery of transnational sovereignty. Pupil of President Carlos Andrés Pérez, corrupt and murderer, both responsible for the deaths of 3000 people during the "Caracazo". As mayor during the IV Republic was responsible for the deaths of dozens of students. He is currently metropolitan mayor, where he has been playing poor management and is dedicated to travel to USA to meet with the most reactionary of the country, Israel, which on several occasions has been received by Benjamin Netanyahu and Spain where he constantly performs conclaves with José María Aznar and the PP.  

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